Below is the course staff for the semester. Please make an Ed post before emailing GSIs and instructors. If you have a very private matter, you may email the instructors and Head GSIs.


Jennifer Listgarten

Professor Listgarten’s group works on machine learning and applied statistics as it relates to computational biology. To see more, visit this page.

Jitendra Malik

Professor Malik’s group works on computer vision, computational modeling of biological vision, computer graphics and machine learning. To see more, visit this page.

Head GSIs

Arvind Rajaraman

Hi everyone, I’m Arvind, a senior at Berkeley and 3rd time TA for this course! My research interests lie in foundation models, deep RL, and embodied robots. In my free time, I like to cook and go on hikes!


Andrew Qin

Hi everyone! I’m Andrew, and I’m a 3rd year EECS major interested in ML in game theory. I enjoy reading and playing computer games. Looking forward to meeting you all this semester!

Aryan Jain

Hey everyone! My name is Aryan and I am a 4th year EECS major from Minnesota. I work on robot learning and computer vision research. Outside of school, I like photography, random board games, and I am trying to learn tennis. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about anything :)

Bear Xiong

Hi! My name is Bear and I’m a 3rd-year grad student working at the intersection between ML and biology. I’m originally from Guangxi, China but have also lived in Indiana and Maryland. I love reading, soccer and being outdoors. This is my first time TA’ing any class and I’m excited to meet you :)

Kevin Wang

’Sup! I’m Kev, a 4th year undergrad studying EECS. My interests lie in robotics, computer vision, and Tetris, and in my free time you might catch me playing badminton or cooking. In previous semesters I TA’d for CS 70, but I’m a big fan of this course and I’m super excited to have you as part of it too!

Philip Jacobson

Hi, I’m Philip, a 5th year EECS PhD student working on 3D perception for robotics/autonomous vehicles. This will be my second time teaching this course. In my free time I enjoy video games, spending time outdoors hiking, and trying new foods! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sampada Deglurkar

Hi everyone! I’m Sampada and I’m a fourth year EECS PhD student working on providing safety assurances for systems that use machine learning. Looking forward to a great semester!

Samuel Alber

Hello! My name is Sam and I’m a senior studying CS and physics. I love to play tennis, juggle, and more recently surf (or at least try to). My research interests are in computational biology and biophysics. This will be my second time TA’ing this course and I’m super excited to get to know you all!

Sandeep Mukherjee

Hey! I’m currently a 4th year CS master’s student, originally from New Jersey. My research involves teaching robots how to garden. This is my second time on course staff and I’m really excited to meet you all this semester :)

Verona Teo

Hi, I’m Verona, a fourth year undergrad. I like philosophy and machine learning. Looking forward to meeting everyone this semester!


Arjun Patrawala

Hi, I’m Arjun Patrawala, and I am a 3rd-year CS and Math major from the Bay Area. This is my first time on 189 course staff, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Chuyi Shang

Hi! I’m Chuyi, a junior majoring in CS and Economics. My primary interests include machine learning and education, where I work on instructional video understanding. In my free time, I enjoy playing the electric guitar, watching sports, and exploring the depths of Wikipedia. Reach out to me for anything!

Nishant Bhakar

Hi! I’m Nishant, and I’m a 3rd year majoring in CS and physics from Washington. I enjoy building things and finding interesting applications of ML and AI. In my free time, I do competitive programming, binge TV shows, listen to music, and go hiking. Looking forward to meeting everyone this semester!

Rohan Viswanathan

Hi! I’m Rohan, a 3rd year undergrad from the Bay Area. I’m interested in computer vision and software that moves robots. I love listening to live music, trying street food, and watching movies. Hope you all have a great semester!

Suchir Agarwal

Hi! I’m Suchir, a 3rd year math and CS major. It’s my first time on course staff for 189, and I’m super excited to be here. A bit about me: I hail from Pennsylvania and am an avid classical music enthusiast. I’m excited to meet you all and hope you have a great semester!

Tomson Qu

Hi! I’m Tomson and I’m a senior majoring in CS and math. My research interests include robotics, RL, and computer vision. In my free time, I love doing handicrafts and watching movies. Feel free to talk to me about anything!